Marlyn is an industrial grade photogrammetry drone that makes the surveying process easy, efficient and straight forward. As a VTOL mapping and surveying drone, Marlyn takes away the hassle and risks that come with the take-off and landing of conventional fixed-wing drones, without compromising the unprecedented performance of an aerodynamically optimized wing.

Our engineers have put great care in the integration of different cameras with our end goal in mind: allowing professionals across all industries to perform drone surveys that offer detailed analyses and precise measurements with high reliability and ease of use.

This is also reflected in our flight planning and control software, MarLynk, that makes planning and controlling the drone straight forward and intuitive.

We want our customers to be flying as much as possible, even in the most challenging weather conditions. That's why Marlyn is the only hybrid (fixed-wing & VTOL) drone in its class capable of handling wind speeds up to 6 Bft (45 km/h) during take-off, landing and cruise. In our design we have chosen for a transition of the whole body of Marlyn instead of transitioning each of the engines separately or carrying extra engines for different flight regimes. The advantage of this is that it limits the mechanical complexity, maximizes reliability and minimizes maintenance requirements.

As a result, Marlyn is equipped with only four small electric motors for propulsion, which need far less maintenance compared to gasoline alternatives. In the forward flight mode, two of the motors are even deactivated to save more power.

The drone is fully electric and is powered by our in-house developed smart dual battery system, which means that two batteries can be placed in the drone to provide for redundancy: the one functions as a failsafe for the other and vice versa. Moreover, each battery is equipped with a battery management system that closely monitors the state of charge of the battery to know exactly how much flight time is left. Know where you stand and fly with peace of mind.

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