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Software and Aerial Inspection Services.

Trusted across 35 GW of PV assets for accurate and transparent production analytics.

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Raptor Maps handles it all.

Begin Optimizing Your Solar PV Assets Through:

Global Turnkey Services

Raptor Maps will handle the aerial thermography inspection through our global drone service partner network, analyze the data, and send you a complete report.

Internal Inspection Support

Perform the inspection with your in-house drone program and send the data to Raptor Maps. We’ll send you an in-depth report on the operating condition of the PV system.

We enable you to collect aerial solar data and gain comprehensive analytics and actionable reports to optimize your assets.
Step 1

Aerial Inspection

By in-house inspection or turnkey service

Step 2

Anomaly Detection

With industry-leading machine learning

Step 3

Issue Localization

QA checked by designated specialists

The Result

In-depth Reports

Delivered on a
cloud-based platform

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