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YellowScan Fly & Drive

Fly when you can, drive when you must.

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Solution presentation

A multi-platform LiDAR for geospatial survey scanning from air to ground.


Our sensors are designed for optimal spectral and spatial resolution and feature a variety of integration options.


Car LiDAR acquisition

The Fly & Drive car pod can be mounted to any land-vehicles


Easy swap

The swap between car and UAV takes less than 5 minutes


Car LiDAR acquisition

The Fly & Drive car pod can be mounted to any land-vehicles

Key benefits


  • Lightweight and low power consumption. Can be installed on all kinds of UAVs and vehicles.

  • Precision positioning using high end GNSS and IMU coupled system

  • Robust and reliable

  • High frequency laser scanner allowing good productivity without compromising on point density

  • Multi-scope Mobile (Ground) and UAV (airborne) Mapping Systems.

Product demonstration

The YellowScan Fly & Drive is a versatile land vehicle-mounted or UAV-mounted mobile mapping system which combines high resolution laser scanning and precise positioning to collect geo-referenced point clouds for a wide range of applications.

The system can be rapidly deployed on road and off-road vehicles as well as on all types of UAVs (multicopter, traditional and VTOL fixed-wing), expanding the range of applications and increasing your return on investment, thereby decreasing the system’s payback period.

กรอกข้อมูลเพื่อรับไฟล์ Data Sheet YellowScan Fly&Drive
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