Thai Sky Vision Expanding to serve the world of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in products and services in global market. For someone who desire more and extraordinary to Hi-end professional cinematography product. we introduce Freefly System who focused on the future. Over a decade of experience in the professional cinematography industry has given FreeFly a unique ability to develop and bring innovative products to market that serve the needs of cinema and aerial professionals. FreeFly is passionate about pushing the envelope technologically in order to provide our customers with the tools to capture amazing footage. 


And we are continually present new products of advanced unmanned aerial technologies and equipments to you to use them easier and more reliable, and for more and more practical uses from applications in the film, advertising, inspections, aerial mapping, and farming industries, to many more.


Thai Sky Vision not only sale the products but we have to test and run in real situations for to be customers advisor. So we do have to expand services by use our products we sale eg. DJI, Freefly, Sensefly and etc. in low altitude aerial filming from UAV. Thai Sky Vision's work includes feature films, action sports, commercial campaigns and surveying. Thai Sky Vision combines highly experienced pilots, the latest film and video equipment, survey equipment, and cutting edge stabilization technology to ensure smooth footage and high accuracy.


Julie Thampiti
Managing Director
Sakan Ariyachotima
Project Manager
Variya Nimfag
Project Coordinator
Pornpavee Thiuthipsakul
Multimedia Specialists
Mongkhonchai Sapyen
Technician & UAV Pilot
Surin Seesa
Accounting Officer

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